About us

The Clacton Town Partnership is a group of local businesses with one goal: Make Clacton on Sea

great again.

As local businesses and local people, we have a great insight into what the town wants or needs and, with a little help, we can make these ideas real.


A little history.

Our activities started when news broke that the council would not be putting up Christmas lights.


For many, the towns decorations help to get them into the Christmas spirit and to hear that nothing would be happening was quite sad. It was at this point several shop keepers started talking, to see if there was a way to get the lights organised by themselves, as the council do not provide for them.


With a little help, and a crash course in the legal aspects a small group managed to get the lights up. It was then that they realised that with a little more support they could do more and better things in the town...and so the Clacton Town Partnership was formed


Our Mission Statement


"The Clacton Town Partnership is a

voluntary group of people and local businesses with the prime objective to increase and improve the profile of our town centre"




Each year we aim to raise enough money to maintain and put up the town Christmas lights and organise the annual switch on event. This is entirely up to the partnership so any donations or help are greatly appreciated.




The mission continues...